Puppy Head Start is training offered for Labrador Retrievers on a monthly basis. Our puppy training focus is to develop a foundation that will help your puppy grow to be your next Master Hunter or Field Trial Competitor, and well behaved best friend.

Puppies are raised in our home and are treated as part of our family. Puppy crate trainign and house-breaking is included.

Retriever Puppy Head Start "Challenge Training" program:

We begin as early as eight weeks with positive re-enforcement obedience as well as drive building exercises. Later we use a balanced approach with "reward vs. pressure" work during a pup's adolescence.

SOCIALIZATION: Puppy Head Start is designed to maximize the benefit of proper introduction to: gun-fire, real birds, swimming, and other important social experiences of the field retriever's world. Pups are crate trained, house-broken, and given lots of one on one attention as well as experiences with other canines and people.

OBEDIENCE: Our obedience program for puppies includes 2 sided heeling, "on leash" steady to shot and marks. We will cover the  behavior: Sit/stay, Down/stay, Here, & Kennel. Depending on the length of time your puppy is with us, we may also begin introduction to whistle commands and begin "baby handling" and "baby blind" exercises. 

EARLY DEVELOPMENTAL "CHALLENGE" TRAINING: Our puppy head start is set apart from other more traditional programs by our early development and daily "challenge" work. Training for youngsters is started with use of operant conditioning and marker training. This helps a pup become a "thinker" and encourages him/her to be a problem solver. We believe that this method implimented early on, helps a puppy mature into a more confident adult when faced with challenges. Not avoiding pressure and not afraid to make mistakes; our pups enjoy learning challenges. 

AGILITY & PLACE BOARD EXERCISES: Puppy training at BlackFoot Kennels incorporates appropriate agility and "place board" work for youngsters. Agility skills aid in an adult dog's confidence and ability in handling physical obstacles; helps develop a fit athlete reducing chance of injury. Place board work is extremely helpful as a foundation for steadying, directions, as well as starting a pup off understanding in raised hunting blinds and stands.