Puppy Purchse FAQ

We are proud to say that we usually maintain a wait-list for our pups (typically before breeding even take place for planned litters). We credit the success of the BlackFoot name to the the offspring from our litters becoming proven competitors in AKC, UKC, and CKC venues.

BlackFoot Labradors run field trials, hunt tests, agility, and obedience trials coast to coast in the US and in Canada as well. This type of exposure only comes from being selective with our litter placements. Hours of time goes into my pedigree matching and researching vertical and horizontal pedigrees for solid line breedings and above all; HEALTH, DRIVE, and TEMPERAMENTS. 

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+ How do you decide which puppy goes to which home?

+ What if I don't plan to participate in competitive canine sports?

+ What is your policy on deposit returns?

+ Why do I have to use the name "BlackFoot" on my A.K.C. registration?

+ Why is it your policy that you do not offer a choice of puppy based on EIC status?

+ What food(s) do you feed ?

+ What is included when I purchase a BlackFoot Puppy?

+ I'd like to apply to be on a wait list ... what is the next step?