BlackFoot Labrador Retriever Puppies

Black and Yellow AKC Field Trial and hunt test Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale in South Carolina. Field Champion and Master Hunter pedigrees. BlackFoot Kennels breeders of quality Labrador Retrievers in SC for companion and competitive homes

Planned BlackFoot Litters: 
Litter availability: Time-frame, and prices are subject to change via. the heat cycles of the females, the availability of stud dogs, pending health clearances, and new titles earned/accomplishments of sires and dams. 
Waiting lists for our pups: Are typically established before births (and on most occasions even prior to breedings). Please contact us if you have questions about any of the planned breedings above, or, would like to apply to be on our waiting list. Competitive homes (field trial, hunt tests, obedience, agility) will take precedence but loving active family homes are never disregarded). 
Deposit & Payment Policies: 
A "good faith" deposit of $100.00: Is required if you are an approved puppy buyer and would like to secure a place on a "pick order" wait list prior to a pair being bred or, after they have been bred but pregnancy has not been confirmed via. ultrasound.
If you change your mind for ANY reason while we have you on hold during this time period for a BlackFoot puppy your $100 pre-deposit will NOT be returned. This helps to ensure we maintain a list of serious purchasers, and also insures that we are not missing out on potential buyers who would like to be on the wait list. 
  • The $100 "good faith deposit may ONLY be returned If the breeding desired does not "take." 
  • Alternatively, you may choose to apply those funds to a different BlackFoot litter. 

An instalment payment is due after breedings have been confirmed via ultrasound. The amount of this payment will vary according to the price of the individual litter.

Refunds on deposits are as follows: Once the pups are born, if the sex/color preferred is not produced, the option will be offered to:
  • A) In the order in which deposits were in place, buyers may choose a different sex/color.
  • B) Apply the entire deposit to a future litter.
  • C) Have your entire deposit returned.