BlackFoot’s Thyme To Fly, Master Hunter, QAA

Feather’s sire is FC AFC Badger State Ram Kicker National Amateur Field Championship finalist son of 2X NAFC Candlewood’s Ramblin Man.

** Retired and living her best life! ** 

Born here at BlackFoot, Feather is truly our pride and joy.... CLICK HERE FOR HER PEDIGREE

BlackFoot's Thyme To Fly, MH(10) QAA
FC AFC Badger State Ram Kicker Stumptown's Worth The Thyme, CD RA MH OA NAJ
AKC# SR61584804
Whelped 4/06/2010. 50 lbs
EIC:  Carrier D10-024315
CERF: Clear/Normal LR-352982 & OFA2014 & 2015 LR-EYE4633/64F-VPI
CNM: Clear via parentage
Feather is a delicate agile girl with a bit of a tough "tom boy" side that we just adore! She is a talented, affectionate, beautiful and intelligent dog. There is not a mean bone her in fit little body, earning her the nick-name "Sweet." By the age of 4 years old, Feather has already had a successful career in the field. We are hopeful she will be a great producer in our breeding program beginning in 2015 and after a bried break for puppies, we intend to continue her hunt test and qualifying trial resume as well as begin agility trials - following int he footsteps of her dam. 

Derby Jam at 16 mos. MH title at 2.5 years. Qual 4th at 3.5 years.... QAA with a win 20 days past her 4th birthday and the 4th qual she ever ran...... much much more to come! 

Feather earned a JAM her very 1st weekend of competition. 16 months of age.


Feather has proven to be a very fast learner and we had great success and much fun during her "young dog" career. This girl is a 50 lb. package of 'GO GO GO' ...........

(Above) Feather being sent on a Master Blind. At 2 years of age, this was the 2nd time Feather lined a blind at a Master hunt test. 

** Feather lined a total of 4 blinds at Master Hunt Tests while on the road to earning her MH title **


  • Derby JAM (her debut field trial weekend). ~ 16 months of age
  • First hunt test: Senior Hunter Double Header. PASSED both days. 17 months of age
  • A third SH pass at 18 months of age. 1 whistled her land blind.
  • SH Pass #4  ~ 19 months of age.
  • Final SH Double Header: Passed Saturday (1 whistled her water blind to chench her title) and scratched on Sunday ... SH TITLE AT 19 MONTHS
  • First MH pass at 24 months! Youngest dog entered. LINED her water blind (down the shore to a water re-entry)!
  • Second MH pass at 26 months. 
  • Third MH pass at 31 months once again .... LINING a water blind (down the shore to a re-entry)!
  • Fourth MH pass the following weekend (31 months of age) ... Feather LINED a land blind in the 1st series (tight key hole picture) and LINED an additional land blind (no-no obstical blind) in the 2nd series. 
  • Fifth MH pass the VERY NEXT WEEKEND ... MH TITLE at 2.5 years of age. Passing 3 weekends in a row for her final 3 required passes. 
  • So far (as of Dec 2013) Feather has run three Qualifying field trials.... Her first attempt was as she just turned 3 years old and she made it to the LAST bird in the 4th series. While we did not earn a ribbon she showed us she has "what it takes." On her third attempt Feather earned a 4th place. She will continue to run the Qual and we hope to make her QAA. 
  • 4/26/2014 ~~ FEATHER WINS a 30 dog O/H Qualifying! Now MH & QAA !!!!! 20 days past her 4th Birthday. In typical "Feather style" ~ she lined her land blind!
  • October 11, 2014: Another Master Pass under her belt. Feather front footed EVERY bird in all 3 series... never put on a hunt. She ran a very impressive poison bird blind ... and ONCE AGAIN - lined a water blind at a test. 
  • November 9, 2014: Master Hunter pass #8 again, a clean test - no handles on any marks. 
  • April 12 2015: Master Hunter pass #9 (6th pass in a row for MH) ~ LINED HER LAND BLIND
  • April 26 2015: Master Hunter Pass #10 (7th pass in a row) for MH