Spice, CD RA MH14 OA NAJ

Spice earned herfield(JH/SH/MH, Derby 3rd & Res. JAM), obedience (CD/RN) and agility titles (NA) all before the age of 3.

She has nice sensitivity balanced with HIGH drive and is a very birdy "retrieve machine".

An extremely accurate marker she has been described as a "little marking machine" by gallery on-lookers at a Master test. She is a smart hunter, and lives to run for "the long bird."Enthusiasm + Style = Spice.

Spice passed on her intellegence and athletisicm to her offspring for sure! Many of her pups are highly accomplished in multiple sport venues including: field, agiity, and obedience. 

This photo is Spice and two of her daughters from her 2nd litter (Sire FC AFC Badger State Ram Kicker). At the 2014 Labrador Speciality agility trial Spice, Jag, and Kicks SWEPT the agility field in the Novice, Open, and Excellent fields all with 1st place ribbons! 

Spice stands 19.75 inches tall and weighs aproximately 53 lbs. 

Spice matured fast and could handle long multiple marks with confidence at a very young age. She has been known to "break" on a blind retrieve and runs equally as hard out for a bumper as she does for a cripple(mach speed).

She eanred her 1st agility titles in CPE and AKC agility while co-training for field work. So intellegent and vesitile Spice puts 100% into any task we trained her for. 

In the house she is calm and QUIET. To us - this girl is the perfect package; beauty, brains, and talent!

Spice has been spayed and is now retired from our breeding program. She is enjoying her "semi-retirement" from competitive venues and living the life of a spoiled "house dog" swimming in the pool, sleeping in the bed, chewing bones and chasing tennis balls. During duck season she loves to go to the branch and hun twood ducks with Steve. While she wlll continue to run her in the "local" hun test, obedience, or agility trial now and again the intense travel and constant work load is behind her in her years. She will run semi competitively until she tells us she is not enjoying herself but for now she is still like a 2 year old in a nine year old's body!