Heart 'N Souls Pocket Change,"PENNY"CD BN RN MH
FC AFC CAFC Money Talks II X Heart and Soul’s Saved, MH QA2
AKC #: SR68928501Whelped: 07/27/11 48 lbs
OFA: GOOD #LR-205339G25F-PI
elbows: NORMAL #LR-EL60353F25-PI
EYES: NORMAL CERF LR-368248 & OFA 2014, 2015 LR-EYE4638/48F-VPI
DNA Coat Color: eeBbDD (Yellow carries black and chocolate - no dilute gene)
CNM: Clear via. parentage (sire and dam are both clear / white list)
Penny's Hunt Test Accomplishments:
JH title 4/4 in two back to back double header weekends at 10 months of age
SH title 4/4 in two back to back double header weekends at 16 months of age
MH Title May 1st 2016
Penny's Obedience Trial Accomplishments: Debut obedience trial at 19 months of age BN & CD titled before 2 years old!
BN ~ 3/3 passes with two 4th place ribbons **TITLE
CD ~ 3/3 passes ** TITLE
RN ~Title (with a qualify, a 3rd and a 4th place) 

When we sent the deposit to Lois at Heart and Soul Kennels for our new puppy, we already knew her call name would be "Penny" (after her grand-dam AFC Winifox Penny From Heaven). AFC "Penny" was an influential part of Danielle's early education and love for retriever field trials and hunt tests. Danielle actually was able to hold Penny's sire (FC AFC CAFC "Copper) in her hands when he was just a tiny newborn puppy. 

Once we decided on her registered name (Pocket Change) perhaps we sealed her fate: PENNY is a  48 lb. package of pure muscle. Small enough perhaps to fit in a "pocket" but this is no ordinary small change ..... Penny is pure gold. What a good girl she is growing up to be! 


The only thing this girl loves more than a tennis ball - is a bird! :)

Penny is an ideal obedience dog.

While our main focus at BlackFoot is training for and competing in field events, when the time allows we like to participate in obedience trials or agility trials as well.

From a very early age Penny showed the aptitude for obedience. Her calm focus and STRONG DESIRE TO PLEASE makes her a fun little dog to work with in the ring as well as the field. 

Accomplishing her CD title ay 24 months going 3 for 3 is no small task (especially while duel training for field at the same time)..... Penny did so with ease and style!  

Penny is a small package of NOSE POWER ...

nothing can stop her when she catches scent of a bird. Of all the dogs we own/ run/ train and handle here at BlackFoot - Penny is always Steve's "go to girl" when it comes to shooting wood ducks and mallards in the branch. She is as happy watching the sky for birds as she is in the obedience ring. 

Stylish ? Drive ? ..... CHECK ! 

In addition to Penny accomplishing her titles & hunting achievements before the age of FOUR YEARS, she has also given us some tallented and great looking litters of pups!

Pictured left is 2 year old "Ace" ... 

SHR BlackFoot's Salty Dog BN RE AX AXJ XF CL2