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We qualify all of our breeding dogs with these health certifications: OFA, CERF, EIC, and CNM. Our Labrador Retrievers participate in hunting, AKC hunt tests, AKC field trials, as well competition obedience & agility events

Stumptown's Worth The Thyme, CD (GN1) RA MH14, OA NAJ
FC AFC Hunting Hills Coriander
Stumptown's Concertino Mallory, QAA
AKC #: SR39997603
Whelped 11/09/06. 53 lbs.
OFA: LR-179421G26F-VPI (GOOD hips) 
CERF: Clear/Normal LR-52322N/2008--21
EIC: Carrier D08-052721
CNM: Clear LR-CNM08-795-F-NOPI
** Spice is now retired from our breeding program.
BlackFoot's Thyme To Fly, MH(10) QAA
FC AFC Badger State Ram Kicker 
Stumptown's Worth The Thyme, CD RA MH OA NAJ
AKC# SR61584804
Whelped 4/06/2010. 50 lbs
EIC:  Carrier D10-024315
CERF: Clear/Normal LR-352982 & OFA2014
CNM: Clear via parentage
Derby JAM at 16 mos. MH title at 30 mos. Qual 4th at 3.5 years.

QAA 4/26/2014 at her 4th trial and just 20 days past her 4th birthday.

** Spice is now retired from our breeding program. She currently resides in Alberta Canada with her co-owner Julie pursuing her agility titles!

Heart 'N Souls Pocket Change, CD BN RN MH
FC AFC CAFC Money Talks II
Heart and Soul’s Saved, MH QAA
AKC #: SR68928501
Whelped 07/27/11 48 lbs
OFA: GOOD #LR-205339G25F-PI
elbows: NORMAL #LR-EL60353F25-PI
CERF: NORMAL LR-368248 & OFA 2014
CNM: Clear via. parentage
Ramblin Man's Blonde Bombshell
2X NAFC FC AFC Candlewood's Ramblin Man 2012 HOF
Bubba's Creed
Whelped 09/06/2006. 55 lbs
AKC # SR37681205
EIC: *CLEAR* D12-010056 / CNM: CLEAR 
CERF: CLEAR LR-369247 (12) & OFA 2014
** Cappy is now retired from our breeding program.
Cappy came to live with us in 2012. She was never formally trained as a competitive dog... She is FULL sister to:
* FC AFC Badger State Ram Kicker (Natl' Am Finalist)
* FC AFC Highflyer's Ramblin Rebel (Natl' Am qualifyer)
* BookDale's Bad to the Bone, MNH SRS
BlackFoot's Watch Me Smash This, JH
Whelped 03/27/17
BlackFoot's Just a Gigolo, MH 
Rainmaker's Spanish Flame, JH (SH3)
OFA Hips: Preliminary *Good* Pending Final at 24 months
OFA elbows: Preliminary *Normal* Pending Final at 24 months
EYES: Normal / clear
PRA: Clear
EIC: Clear
CNM: Clear
Dilute gene: Clear


BlackFoot's Trial By Fire, WC

HRCH UH Old Meadow's Exceeding Safe Speed, MH 
Heart 'N Souls Pocket Change, CD BN RN MH
Whelped 3/23/2014
EIC:  Clear # D14-041946-2
OFA EYES: CLEAR/Normal 2014
Torch suffered a bacterial infection in his spine when he was a very young puppy. A true blessing that he is with us today! Torch is a MUCH loved companion and a "bird crazed" boy. Because he suffers slight neurological/physical set backs from his sickness he will not be campaigned in tests tests or trials. He attends every training day & works hard, Torch is Danielle's side-kick/shadow and is a very important part of the BlackFoot Family!


BlackFoot's Confederate Gold, SH

FC AFC Gunstock's Topshelf Snap Decision
Ramblin Man's Blonde Bombshell
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
EYES: Normal / clear
PRA: Clear
EIC: Clear
CNM: Clear
Dilute Gene: Clear 

** Lotta is an exciting young pup .. excelling in every sense at her beginning training - Look for updates - this is our FUTURE here at BlackFoot! 


BlackFoot's Time and Thyme Again, SH

Coastline's High Tide Reef, MH QAA (2012 National derby list, Open win & multiple JAMS) 
BlackFoot's Thyme To Fly, MH QAA
** Epoch is one of the most DRIVEN pups we have seen starting at just 7 weeks old she made her desire to retrieve very clear .. She currently resides in the SC. "upstate" with her co-owner Tierra and Tres Sloan at Trinity Retrievers. We are exciting to follow along as Epoch is molded into a future Master National partcipant along side one of the top young professional hunt test trainers on the scene today! 

Our Angel "Raising hell" over the rainbow bridge ~
9/17/1999 - 11/25/2010

 Rhumbline's Guinness is Good, JH (SH1)

OFA: Excellent Elbows: Normal CERF: Clear
JH title achieved 4/4 after only having started training (his 1st bird) at 2.5 years of age. Guinness was Danielle's first hunt test dog and is credited a great deal for her knowledge, inspiration, and experiences in the dog training world. Guinness was retired and neutered due to medical reasons but did earn 1 SH pass before his retirement at age 7. 

Creditied for opening to world of retrievers and dog sports in general to Danielle's eyes. His passing came with great hurt and great memories of the exciting adventure we took together. He will me missed... Until we meet again; RIP Guinness, AKA "Big Man."