BlackFoot's Trial By Fire, WC 


HRCH UH Old Meadow's Exceeding Safe Speed, MH 
Heart 'N Souls Pocket Change, CD BN RN SH
AKC# SR82002201
Whelped 3/23/2014
EIC:  Clear # D14-041946-2
OFA EYES: CLEAR/Normal 2014

Torch suffered a mysterious bacterial infection in his spine when he was a very young puppy. A true blessing that he is with us today! Torch is a MUCH loved companion and a "bird crazed" boy.

Because he suffers slight neurological/physical set backs from his sickness he will not be campaigned in tests tests or trials.

He DID earn his WC at just 6 months old and while he is perfectly willing to participate, we have opted to keep him safe and not run in tests becasue we fear that some terrains or swimming hazzards might cause him harm.

Torch attends every training day & works hard. He is Danielle's side-kick/shadow and is a very important part of the BlackFoot FamilyABOVE ALL, he is Danielle's best friend ... and since just 4 DAYS of age he has been Danielle's cuddling partner on the couch!

Despite his early set backs ... Torch still loves to train! 

He has always been a bird lover and he is often our set up and "pick up" dog during our trainign sessions. 

The boy could swim probably earlier than he could walk!! And he takes after his sire HRCH UH "Ticket" MH when it comes to his impressive water entry!

No matter where Danielle is on the property - you will ususally find Torch ... at the wood shed in the Fall and in the garden in the Summer.